December 2, 2014


So Metal: Dutch Bassist Ruptures Testicle Onstage, Still Finishes Set

Christie Goodwin/Getty Images
Christie Goodwin/Getty Images

Metal musicians proving how hardcore they are might have just met their match. 

Dutch symphonic-metal outfit Delian had one of the most bizarre stage mishaps possibly ever at a U.K. concert when an apparently-way-too-close streamer cannon walloped their bassist in his genital region. Otto Schimmelpenninck (above) wrote in a blog post to fans that he knew he was bleeding, and one point even felt like he would go unconscious, but still finished the performance and "even squeeze[d] out some grunts!"

The bassist went on to detail the gruesome aftermath (guys, prepare yourselves...) that included his scrotum swelling to "the size of a big grapefruit" where he learned his left testicle and some arteries had been ruptured. Schimmelpenninck went into surgery the following morning where "more than 500 ml of blood was removed from [his] scrotum and [his] testicle was stitched up."

There are no words.

But it looks likely that there's a happy ending in Schimmelpenninck's future. "I was very close to losing my left testicle, but chances are good it will be fine," he added. "It will take about six weeks until I can find out though, when I have an ultrasound scan. It will also be a while before I am without the very uncomfortable pain I am in now, but sadly, it's just the way it is for now."

Schimmelpenninck ended his account adding that he's hoping he'll be all healed by the time Delian's European tour rolls around in February. Here's hoping to a speedy recovery. Altogether now: Oof.