December 23, 2014


"Kreezus" Is The Kanye Holiday Album You Never Knew You Wanted

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Okay, so this Kanye West holiday album isn't the real deal, but MAN that would've been the best Christmas surprise ever if Yeezus himself decided to jingle-ify some of his hugest hits with a dash of seasonal cheer.

To the geniuses behind Kreezus, a parody take on Kanye's Yeezus, THANK YOU. Not only are the vocals spot on and easily mistakable for Mr. West's, the track name adjustments ("I Am A Clause," "New Sleighs," "Hold My Eggnog") and the lyrical pairings that follow are actually LOL-inducing.

Some silly examples:

"I'm In It (The Chimney)": Damn, your brick's very rough / Covered up in soot and stuff / And I think I see a dead bird / Ho, ho, ho is what you heard

"Gift It Up": She say, "Can you call me Carol of the Bells?" / I say, "Can you play 'Carol of the Bells'?" / If not treat your name like my sleigh / Leave that ass off gifts 'til you change your ways

"Wrapped 2": What you doin' in the mall on Black Friday? / She said she's here to put an iPad on layaway / Drink Julius, but you're still real thirsty / Shop Forever 21 for Jesus' birthday

Listen to Kreezus in its entirety below. Just don't drink some nog while you do it 'cause it'll probably spew out your nose.