December 22, 2014


Lil Wayne Adds To His Face Tattoo Collection

@spideytat2 on Instagram
@spideytat2 on Instagram

Lil Wayne is an avid tattoo enthusiast. This isn't news to anyone. What is news is that he had some space that was still available for the inking, and over the weekend he had some new artwork permanently etched on his face.

Weezy's tattoo artist, who goes by the moniker of Spider Man, shared some snaps of the rapper from his appointments that zeroed in on the new acquisitions: Arabic script lacing over his left eye and an eyeball bursting through the skin of his chin. While the peeper peeking out from shards of skin is pretty self-explanatory, the script on his brow supposedly reads "Momma's Boy." The delicate ink works for him, and these two tats fit in with the rest of his look perfectly!