December 19, 2014


Miguel Drops Surprise EP, Hear "Coffee" Now

Miguel is a businessman. A few years, a few EPs and a lot of hard work made the R&B up-and-comer what he is today. He eventually grabbed Grammy attention, most notably after releasing the 2012 record Kaleidoscopic Dream. If anyone deserves all the glory, it's this guy!

In a move not unlike our beloved queen Beyoncé, Miguel surprised the internet by sharing three tracks on his personal Soundcloud, "nwa" featuring the former Executive Vice President of Death Row Records Kurupt, "hollywooddreams" and our favorite, "Coffee."

The song perfectly marries Miguel's characteristic croon with an '80s, industrial synth beat. The pairing shouldn't work, but somehow the "Simplethings" singer takes the two genres and mixes them in a surprisingly soft and sensual way.

"Coffee in the morning / Coffee in the morning / I don't wanna wake / I just wanna watch you sleep. It's the smell of your hair / And it's the way that we fit," he sings in the chorus, reminding lovers of life's simple pleasures.

Listen to "Coffee" above!