December 11, 2014


Sia Suggests She'll Release Two New Albums In 2015

Adam Taylor/ABC via Getty Images
Adam Taylor/ABC via Getty Images

Sia's "Chandelier" was one of the biggest and most surprising pop hits of the year. While the shy Aussie singer has been writing smashes for the likes of Rihanna and Beyoncé for a while now, the musician never truly felt comfortable in the spot light. Turns out those bright lights crave her, and we're not complaining!

After being dubbed Artist of the Year by SPIN, Sia sat down with the noted music publication and shared some exciting news: She has two full albums recorded and plans to do even more in 2015.

The article reads, "Her quantum career leap suggests an evolution in what the songwriter's role has been in 2014. She's the most powerful silent investor in the music industry's current support-the-scribe campaign. And though she's still not entirely comfortable with her center-stage placement, she's pressing ahead with the solo act. Asked what's next for 2015, Sia shares, 'I have two [more records] completed and ready to go.' Then, her cryptic yet revealing closer: 'I'd like 2015 to look like it's just been f*cked.'"

We can't wait! Read the full interview here.