January 14, 2015


Check Out This Leaked 5 Seconds Of Summer Demo "I Can't Remember"

C Flanigan/FilmMagic
C Flanigan/FilmMagic

Australian dreamboats 5 Seconds of Summer are on a much deserved break right now after having the biggest year of the careertouring the world with One Direction, winning awards left right and center...the list truly feels infinite. The pause in their seemingly nonstop schedule leaves a lot to be desired by fans. Never fear, 5SOSFam: A leak is here!

Last fall a 5SOS demo made its way into the darkest regions of the internet with little information. The tune was titled "I Can't Remember," and all the existing recordings were of the lowest quality: It sounded like they were taped on a handheld device or cellphone. Don't believe us? Listen here. Months passed and today, a higher-quality version of the track has emerged. Thank you, Tumblr gods!

The song sounds like vintage pop-rock 5SOS, something that might have appeared on their earliest demos. The lyrics detail a night out, one that must have gotten pretty messy. When the chorus kicks in, the boys sing, "Last night a blur / Woke up lying next to her / Last night made a mess / Doesn't get better than this." There's a spoken word portion where guitarist Michael Clifford asks bassist Calum Hood about his insane evening with an attractive stranger.

Listen to it above, and while you've got 5SOS on the brain, read up on everything you need to know about the band and take our ultimate fan quiz!