June 8, 2015


Listen to Adam Lambert's 'The Original High' Album Right Now!

Warner Bros. Records
Warner Bros. Records


It's here...early! 

Adam Lambert's third studio release The Original High is now available for streaming on Amazon. Listen to the album here and then scroll down for everything else you need to know about the record including its inspiration, singles, tracklist and more.


Creative differences prompted Adam Lambert to leave his former label RCA. According to Lambert, his post–American Idol label wasn't into the idea of him heading back into the studio and working on fresh material. Instead, they wanted him to do an '80s cover album, which Lambert said was "the only kind of release they are prepared to support." Our man inked a deal with Warner Bros. Records within a day of leaving RCA.

The next step was getting in touch with producers and writers for the next album, and that's where Max Martin and Shellback come in. Lambert's hit "Whataya Want From Me" is a Martin/Shellback joint, and a quick conversation proved that these guys weren't just going to let the early days of Lambert's career be the end of their creative relationship.

"We started talking about life, politics, fashion, everything under the sun," Lambert told Billboard. "They said, 'You seem different, Adam,' and I said, 'I feel a little different.' And I just asked them for their help." 

Martin added:

"When Adam came to us with a new opportunity to work together, we leapt at it and even suggested a deeper relationship where we would get the chance to really help define Adam's music over a whole album. We teamed up with the perfect partner in Warner Brothers and can't wait for everyone to hear the dynamic album. We are really proud of it and hope you like it as much as we do!"

On March 24, Adam gave a few more details about the LP in an interview with Hunger magazine. He explained:

"Sonically it feels more contemporary than my previous material. It's definitely pop but not bubblegum. We have avoided camp and theatrics and have favored a darker, more grounded vibe, and at the same time, it will make you dance! Lyrically, it's very very personal, the album has an overall bittersweet feel to it. Vocally, I think it's my most tasteful, sophisticated work to date. With Max [Martin]'s guidance, I approached a lot of it with more restraint than in the past. Instead of being overly specific, most of the songs are more esoteric and so they're open to interpretation. I'm curious to hear about the individual meaning that people find in the songs dependent on their own situation"

Now, that leads us to the music...


First Single: "Ghost Town"

Adam Lambert said that "Ghost Town" is "the perfect introduction to The Original High." "It establishes itself in a very earthy, vulnerable way," he said, "and transforms into a hypnotic dream full of surreal imagery and set to a minimal yet massive deep house beat." Check out the single right here:

The Idol hasn't abandoned his affinity for powerful ballads with "Underground." The cut opens with stark piano chords as Adam details being dangerously in love with your significant other. Booooming synths, finger snaps and trappy snare drums get added to the chorus for an understated, but moving piece of pop.

-"Evil in the Night"

The disco-dance jam was revealed as a pre-release single on May 21, with a sound that's reminiscent to Naughty Boy's music.

-"Another Lonely Night"

Also revealed on May 21, "Another Lonely Night mixes emotional lyrics with euphoric synths and finger snaps.

Billboard got an early listen to some tracks on the album and cited influences like Kiesza and Katy Perry's recent nods to house music along with "Nile Rodgers-esque" funk and "hints of Robyn and Erasure."

The mag added that Lambert handled all the background vocals for the record too.


1. Ghost Town 
2. The Original High
3. Another Lonely Night
4. Underground
5. There I Said It
6. Rumors (ft. Tove Lo)
7. Evil in the Night
8. Lucy (ft. Brian May of Queen)
9. Things I Didn't Say
10. The Light
11. Heavy Fire

Deluxe Version:
12. After Hours
13. Shame
14. These Boys


On January 29, on his 32nd birthday, Lambert gave his fans a small but awesome gift. The singer announced on Twitter that the album would be titled The Original High, with the first single "Ghost Town" out on April 21. As he previously revealed, the LP will follow for a June 16 release date.

He hasn't explained the reason for the title, but fans are speculating the album is him making music that reminds him why he fought so hard for this career.