January 16, 2015


Babymetal Talk Meeting Lady Gaga, Slayer & Their Biggest Concert Yet

Courtesy of BABYMETAL
Courtesy of BABYMETAL

In case you missed the news, Babymetal slayed in 2014. And we're not just talking about their music.

The pop/metal trio saw their self-titled debut album become the best-selling Japanese release in America, played concerts across North America and Euorpe and snagged a spot as opening act on Lady Gaga's massive Artpop tour. Not bad when you and your band mates aren't even out of high school yet.

The momentum doesn't look to be slowing down in 2015 either. Babymetal started the year with their biggest show to date: 20,000 fans came to Tokyo to see Su-metal, Yuimetal and Moametal shred the Saitama Super Arena as their gothy, cutesy characters.

While the legend of Babymetal dictates that the girls only come alive when they're summoned onstage, Fuse got the chance to talk with the band's vocalist Su-metal (via translator) after their Tokyo show. It provided a rare glimpse into the world of Babymetal that includes a heavy-duty tour life, a gang of celebrity supporters and much more.

Marc Broussely/Redferns via Getty Images
Marc Broussely/Redferns via Getty Images

You just finished your biggest concert ever! How are you feeling right now?

It has always been our dream to play at Saitama Super Arena, so it is a real blessing. When I was at centerstage looking out at the crowd around us, it was almost mesmerizing to see 20,000 people all there for Babymetal, singing along with us.

You've been traveling around the world, but how was it to come back to Japan for this show?

This was our first show in 2015. It was as if I was able to apply everything I learned abroad on our world tour to today. The fans were singing with us, fist pumping to our songs; they were just so welcoming it felt good to be back in Japan.

You played a few U.S. concerts last year. How do your Japanese fans compare to American audiences?

I think the fans react to different parts of our show and songs in each country. In Japan, obviously the fans understand our lyrics, and they seem more in sync. Whereas in America, you really see the crowd go crazy during the uptempo songs, and that is something you don't see in Japan. I remember being pretty shocked at our first U.S. show.

Speaking of those early U.S. shows, you were one of the openers for dates on Lady Gaga's latest tour. Can you tell us some highlights from that experience?

In the beginning, you could see that the crowd was looking at us very curiously as they had no idea who we were. But as we played more songs and more shows, the fan reaction kind of changed. We started seeing people actually enjoying our set, some of them were even wearing our T-shirts in the crowd!


Did you get any advice from Gaga? 

One time we met, I remember she told me that she really enjoys our music and wants us to continue working hard. She also said that one day when we get to play large arenas like her abroad that perhaps we will cross paths again. I definitely want to work hard for us to meet her again.

You also played your first show in New York last year. What did you think of New York City?

I love New York! The city is gorgeous, the people are so friendly. I have only been there two times now, [but] I must say it feels like our home away from home!

Babymetal was America's best-selling Japanese album last year. Do you feel your popularity growing?

Last year we were able to play shows outside of Japan, visiting cities that we never dreamed of visiting. To see that there were people there who are supporting what we do was shocking, but more than anything it helps us move forward.

And then looking forward to 2015, what goals do you have? What are you looking forward to?

We will be back in America again for Rock on the Range in May. I heard that Judas Priest—one of the bands revered as the God of Metal—will be performing at that festival too. I can't wait to see them!


Who are some of your other favorite metal bands? What music does Babymetal listen to together?

Metallica! Perhaps you realized, but we always play Metallica in the venue before our show starts. It's great to see our crowd react to that as well.

You met Slayer recently. Can you tell us about that experience?

We actually met Slayer along with Anthrax at Sonisphere, and we gave them some Babymetal world tour T-shirts...During [our] London show we met with DragonForce and spoke about our song collaboration.

So what's the best part about being in Babymetal?

Through Babymetal, I have met so many new people, including a different me that I only meet when I perform as Babymetal.

When will you return to us in the States?

We just announced our world tour that will take place this coming May. I can't wait to go back!

Anything else you would like to add? 

First of all, I want all our fans abroad to know that I am so glad to have met all of you at our concerts when we were there last year. Thank you for waiting for us! We are coming back, and we can't wait to see you again. Please come see us again!

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