January 30, 2015


21 Things We Learned from Big Sean, Drake & Kanye's New Song, "Blessings"

Big Sean got things cracking in 2014 with his 4 Song EP/mixtape featuring "I Don't F*ck with You" and "Paradise." But today he's going way bigger, with "Blessings," a brand new song with Drake and Kanye West, one set to be featured on Dark Sky Paradise, Big Sean's third album, due February 24. It's produced by Boi-1da and Vinylz.

"Blessings" is momentous for a few reasons. No. 1: Drake and Kanye West, rap's top two dudes, haven't appeared on a song together since 2009's "Forever," the megawatt kings summit cut Drake assembled alongside Lil WayneEminem, and 'Ye. Ever since, Drizzy and Yeezy have alternately supported each other (Kanye making appearances at Drake's annual OVO Festival in Toronto; Drake being totally open about Kanye's massive influence on him) and antagonistic (Drake making fun of Kanye's Yeezus lyrics in Rolling Stone; Kanye admitting in GQ that Drake became rap's boss recently, but then mulling, emperor-like, not if but when he'll snatch the rap game back for himself). Drake and Kanye coming together on a song by their mutual pal Big Sean feels like a reconciliation, or a wink, or a mutual big-up.

Reason No. 2: While Kanye has been Big Sean's mentor and benefactor since the jump, he hasn't stepped into a Big Sean song in four years. 'Ye dropped a verse on 2011's "Marvin & Chardonnay," the single from Sean's debut album, Finally Famous, and that was basically it. Kanye also never lent his masterful producer skills to a Big Sean song until last fall's "I Don't F*ck With You," which was a Kanye/DJ Mustard team-up.

Back to "Blessings," though: let's talk about the seven we learned about each rapper in the fairly confessional banger, which features a robo-warble hook that'd be at home on a track by Atlantan AutoTuners Future or Young Thug.

1: He's here for a good time, not a long time. He's either on some "live fast/die young" sh*t or he's planning an early retirement, like his mentor Lil Wayne.
2: As detailed on "Trophies," Drake truly does not give a f*ck about Grammy awards. Even if the 2015 ceremony's coming right up and he's impressively nominated three times for "0 - 100/The Catch Up" and ILoveMakonnen's "Tuesday," both of which started out as mere internet-raps.
3: As detailed in earlier slow-jam emo-cuts like "Too Much" and "Look What You've Done," Drake's mama's health and happiness is still a top priority.
4: Drake can't really envision heaven being better than his current life.
5: He haaates being interrupted while giving a toast
6: He feels he's famous "enough," doesn't need or care about doing press
7: Drake feels #blessed.

Kanye West
1: 'Ye's now spitting verses over the phone from his home gym, where he's in between swimming laps while 1.5-year-old North West gets homeschooled at poolside.
2: He wants to start a Montessori school. (The latest DONDA venture?)
3: He's not above Snapchatting sexy pics back and forth.
4: He doesn't care a lick if those racy pics leak online.
5: He doesn't care about all these lawsuits that keep coming his way.
6: Kanye's so en fuego that he'll make a C-3PO reference that's actually about seeing three P.O.'s, like, parole officers.
7: Kanye feels #blessed as well.

Big Sean
1: Big Sean prefers work over vacations.
2: Naya Rivera, Big Sean's ex, was not a fan of his all-night work ethic.
3: Sean's grandmother just died, R.I.P.
4: He's still very happy to slay you with a thinky couplet. Consider: "I guess when your stars align you do like the solar system and plan it ["planet"] out." YESSSS.
5: He has no troubles paying his mortgage or electricity bill
6: He's a fan of the Orlando Magic's Shaquille O'Neal/Penny Hardaway era.
7: And Big Sean, too, feels #blessed.

Stay tuned to Fuse for updates about Big Sean's Dark Sky Paradise, and while you're at it, scope out Kanye's new "Only One" video, featuring baby North West, and our complete guide to Drake's upcoming mixtape.