January 23, 2015


Diplo: Taylor Swift Fans Are "The Worst People in the World"

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Diplo is part of GQ's new Legacy Project, a musician-centric package from the magazine's February issue. And hoooo boy, did the EDM veteran have a few things to say. A little background first: in November, Diplo tweeted that "someone should make a kickstarter to get taylor swift a booty." Lorde, a buddy of Swift's, responded, "should we do something about your tiny penis while we're at it hm." Thus a mini-feud was born, and now GQ's got the follow-up:

"It sucks for me, because now I have to not be as crazy as I am on the internet. Which totally sucks, because it's not going to be fun anymore. But the repercussions are really bad. Like, Taylor Swift fans are really crazy. They threatened to murder me and stuff. It's really bizarre, and disgusting. They're the worst people in the world. And I'm a pretty big fan. But they're like 'I wish your kids had Down syndrome.' They're so evil. I dissed Lady Gaga before, and the gays were never even this mean. They're funny. These people are like mean-spirited, evil human beings. I'm not a politician. I shouldn't have to be under the microscope for people like that. [Taylor] has like 40 million Twitter fans. Forty million! Yeah. It's crazy. I'm a fan though."

Sounds like Diplo's a little all over the place, but his issues with T-Swift and her fans are loud and clear. The interview gets mysterious from there, with Diplo continuing: "Her powers—she's big. She's strong, bro. Taylor Swift is very strategic with her friends and enemies. And I know lots of secrets. I can't divulge, but I know a lot of stuff about her. And she's definitely, there's definitely scary stuff going on. And I'm scared. I'm scared for my life."

Dude! Are you messing around, or is Taylor Swift seriously the next global superpower or something? And you realize people will hound you for these secrets for the rest of your life, right?

In other news: Diplo does talk about his own career a little in the interview. (As well as Odd FutureDrake, and Madonna.) Go check it out.