January 8, 2015


Ed Sheeran Set To Get Personal On Revamped 'Storytellers'

Chelsea Lauren/WireImage
Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

Ed Sheeran isn't one to shy away from singing or even rapping about his personal life as we saw with the hugely successful X. The oversharing is about to hit a new level, though, because Sheeran is one of the first artists to take to the mic and get deep with the audience for VH1's newly revamped Storytellers.

The series, which creates an intimate atmosphere for some of music's biggest names to share details and anecdotes about their greatest hits, is set to return January 24 with Sheeran's episode. For the first time, Storytellers will be broadcast live, and the in-the-moment nature of the show will be maintained throughout the season.

Another first for the show? They're hitting venues that the artists pick themselves based on personal importance. This means, in Sheeran's case, that he'll be heading to the Whelan, the Dublin theater where he saw Damien Rice perform a set that utterly shook him to the core.

Could this be the first time we hear the real backstory behind "Don't"? Will Sheeran open up about his rumored romance with Ellie Goulding? It looks like we'll find out in just a couple weeks ...