January 27, 2015


High School "Uptown Funk" Cover Is Like a 'Glee' Episode Come to Life

Ever wonder what a real-life Glee episode would look like? One Texas high school just figured it out, covering Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars"Uptown Funk" and filming the results. And just like at William McKinley High, the whole school gets involved.

Watch above as A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School theater teacher Scot Pankey starts breaking it down in his classroom solo before being joined by two badass backup dancers. Soon enough, the dancing prof starts grooving through the giant high school, meeting a half-dozen color-coordinated troupes of dancing students along the way.

If the giant student involvement wasn't impressive enough, this entire performance came together in just three weeks. According to an interview with Mr. Pankey, the students are the one who came up with the concept and he agreed to appear in it.

Also astonishing: almost 300,000 views in three days!