January 22, 2015


Kanye and Wale Might Design New Washington Wizards Uniforms

Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images
Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images

The Washington Wizards recently hired Wale—a Washington, D.C. native—as their "creative liason." In the upcoming February music issue, ESPN the Magazine writes that "Wale gets to promote his music—a remix of his hit 'Ambition' plays during warm-ups—while the Wizards get his liaising for free."

"My job is to provide a spark, at all costs," Wale writes in his explanation of the gig. "I'm not going to do anything corny, but I'm talking to Kanye about designing new uniforms." Wale's hire comes after the Wizards have found a newfound resurgence as a basketball force, making the NBA playoffs in 2014 after six years on the outs. "Now we have a team to be proud of," Wale writes. "And even if you're coming to a game for the wrong reasons, like trying to win a pair of shoes or something, I want you into it. We want to sell this place out.

MissInfo reminds us that Kanye has a contract going with Adidas, "who have been the NBA’s official uniform and apparel supplier since 2006." So that looks good for Wale's vision with 'Ye. 

One catch, though, maybe: on the Yeezus Tour, Kanye sang a long, auto-tuned stream-of-consciousness with a refrain that went, "We should've never, ever let MJ play for the Wizards." It was heavy, impassioned stuff. But it's been more than a decade since Michael Jordan came out of retirement to play two seasons in Washington, so maybe the team'll forgive and forget as long as Kanye helps Wale come up with dope enough duds.

Speaking of dope Yeezy duds: anyone see that fur bikini Kanye designed for Kim Kardashian? (It's actually called a furkini.) The two have been on a fashion roll lately, becoming the new faces of Balmain for a spring campaign.