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A History of Kanye West & Ellen DeGeneres' Friendship

TV's coolest talk show host and rap's biggest personality have a longstanding friendship full of special, hilarious, educational moments—all captured on film

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2016: The Interview to End All Interviews

Kanye West's 2016 reunion with Ellen DeGeneres is already being touted as one of Yeezy's best interviews ever, and it's not hard to see why. He passionate, lucid monologue touched on Rakim lyrics, the death of 'Ye's cultural icons, his inflammatory tweets, #oscarssowhite, his parents, bullying and his plans to help the world. In summary, "I'm sorry, daytime television. I'm sorry for the realness."

Before that, Ellen informed 'Ye that she gave him and Kim the idea to name their son Saint:

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2013: The Gifts

While Kanye was out on the Yeezus tour, flaunting some high fashion masks in addition to a mountain and a "white Jesus," Ellen gave 'Ye a few more masks to try out. Always goofin', that DeGeneres.

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2010: The Diamond Teeth Discussion

Ever seen Kanye's extra flashy grin (we know, it's kinda rare) and wondered what was going on there? It's no grill—Kanye actually replaced his bottom front teeth with diamonds. Ellen was the one to get the official explanation out of Kanye back in 2010. "I just thought that diamonds were cooler," Yeezy said. Hard to argue, and it's not like Kanye didn't warn us:

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2015: The "Only One" Premiere

Kanye's "Only One" video showed up this week, featuring daddy being all mushy with baby North West. It might be the cutest video of all time. So why would 'Ye premiere it anywhere else but Ellen? The Spike Jonze–directed clip is 'Ye's first video of 2015. (And, don't forget, the song's musical base comes from Paul McCartney, another, newer Kanye BFF.) In addition to premiering the "Only One" video, Kanye spoke with Ellen about fatherhood and married life, saying, "I think I'm a better human being because of her and because of my daughter." (See the full interview here.)

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2013: The "Bound 2" Premiere

Look, love Kanye, hate Kanye (love him!), the "Bound 2" video is a trip. Even more so for the fact that Yeezy premiered it on Ellen's show, where a large crowd of happy women were given the gift of watching Mr. and Mrs. Kardashian riding a motorcycle in various states of undress and heavy-petting. Ellen really trusts that Yeezy, and Yeezy really trusts that Ellen.

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2008: The "Love Lockdown" Premiere

Before 2013's "Bound 2" premiere, before 2015's "Only One" premiere, Kanye West debuted "Love Lockdown" on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. The rapport between Ellen and Yeezy was so strong, even seven years ago. And 'Ye actually seemed pretty emotional about Ellen working with him to debut the 808s & Heartbreak clip. The Simon Henwood–directed clip took inspiration from American Psycho and 2001: A Space Odyssey. It's a valuable entry in the formidable K-West videography:

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2010: The Taylor Swift Discussion

Maybe you've heard this one: Taylor Swift wins VMA, Kanye West storms stage, rightly claims Beyoncé had "the best video of all time, of all time." Kanye's approach was off, but his message was on. America essentially exiled Kanye after the incident, and Jay Leno, turd that he is, went so far as to brutally shame Kanye on late night television in a face-to-face sit-down. Ellen, though, took a much better tact and just listened to Yeezy and treated him like a real human man who makes mistakes sometimes. SEE? Best friends forever!

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2013: The Kim Kardashian Talks

Kanye's cool enough with Ellen to talk about his baby—and share some of the first photos of little Nori ever—and what it's like to…make babies. 'Ye also took one of his Ellen sit-downs to recount the story of his huge proposal to Kim, and his undying love for her. "I'm trying to avoid the jump-up-on-the-couch moment," Kanye said in the middle of his love discussion, referencing Tom Cruise's Oprah moment.

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2016: The Round of 'Five-Second Rule'

Kanye didn't pay much attention to the rules, but he did answer the question, "Give us three things that are hairy?" with "Balls, balls, balls!"


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