January 13, 2015


Mark Ronson Dedicates 'Uptown Special' to Amy Winehouse

Justin Goff\UK Press via Getty Images
Justin Goff\UK Press via Getty Images

Mark Ronson has been on everyone's minds lately with his huge hit "Uptown Funk" alongside talent Bruno Mars. He's even got Fifth Harmony covering the track for their latest tour announcement! The inescapable single officially arrives next week with the release of his highly-anticipated Uptown Special. The record, it turns out, is dedicated to the late great Amy Winehouse, who he worked with on her phenomenal Back to Black album and on his own Version.

Ronson shared the dedication on Twitter today (shown below) with a handwritten note he claims was accidentally left off the record when it was printed.

As NME reports, the album is also dedicated DJ Mehdi and longtime Al Green collaborator Teenie Hodges who died last June from emphysema. 

From Mark's note, posted below:

For some reason, the dedication section was left off my album printing. I'm sure they'll fix for the future, but for public record ...

This album is dedicated to the memory of Teenie Hodges and DJ Mehdi

And to Amy Winehouse -- Although I wish you were still here, I'm always thinking of you, inspired by you and your music lives on in myself and everyone who ever felt it

Love, Mark