January 22, 2015


Here's the Story of President Obama & Beyoncé's First Meeting

Rob Carr/Getty Images
Rob Carr/Getty Images

Everyone knows Beyoncé keeps her inner circle so tight you've got to be family or the President to hang. Luckily Barack Obama wound up becoming the latter, and now we've got details on when he first kicked it with Bey, back when he was still a senator in 2007.

A new memoir by Obama's personal aide de camp (a.k.a. "bodyman"), Reggie Love, says Obama met the singer shortly after she wrapped her 2007 Beyoncé Experience tour. An excerpt of Power Forward: My Presidential Education obtained by People details the experience:

"Beyoncé admitted her feet were killing her. Obama joked, 'You have to have a masseuse to massage your feet. That must be in the budget for the tour production.'

And Jay said, 'Yeah, so long as it isn't a man.'

I quipped, 'You've seen Pulp Fiction. You never let another man massage your woman's feet,' after which Jay burst out laughing.'"

Ah, the rich and famous—they make corny jokes too.

Bey and a slew of other celebrities put their support behind Obama for the historic 2008 presidential campaign. Beyoncé and Jay Z went on to host a 2012 fundraiser for President Obama's second term, and Yoncé gave a widely discussed performance at No. 44's second inauguration. Bey also stopped by First Lady Michelle Obama's 50th birthday party. We're guessing she and her man remain close with the Obamas today.

Power Forward gives other insider details about the president's personal life, but we just keep imagining what else Obama and hip-hop's power couple talked about on that fateful day.