January 22, 2015


Wait...Do Russia's New Combat Robots Resemble Daft Punk?

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Russia is on their way to creating their very own "combat robots"...and they look like they could make awesome dance music.

In a trip to Moscow's Central Scientific Research Institute of Precision Engineering Tochmash, Russian president Vladimir Putin was presented with the country's latest military cyborg biker prototype. The technology is on its way to shooting handguns, driving ATVs and administering first aid. And there's also an uncanny resemblance to Daft Punk, namely Thomas Bangalter's famous helmet (on the picture to the left). Compare for yourself.

Now, we don't exactly think France's robotic duo were concrete visual inspirations for these Russian RoboCops, but we have to admit there is an eerie echo here.

The "Get Lucky" guys are still cooler and way more stylish than this cyborg creation. Perhaps that's why Putin looks a little bored in the video above? He might've thought he was getting a rare live performance from Daft Punk; anyone would be a little bummed out after that switcheroo.

On that note: Can Daft Punk actually come out of hiding so we can get a follow-up to Random Access Memories? Please?