February 18, 2015


Man Listens to 168 Hours of Nickelback for Charity

Chelsea Lauren/WireImage
Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

Jesse Carey, a co-host of Relevant magazine's podcast, recently cooked up an idea: if he raised $5,000 for charity, he'd listen to nothing but Nickelback for seven continuous days—or 168 hours straight. And lo and behold, support for the cause has exceeded exceeded $18,300, all of which will go to Charity: Water, an organization that facilitates access to clean water in areas of need. According to the donation page, 612 people will receive potable water thanks to this campaign.

Carey's Nickelback quest began February 16 and will run through February 22. He calls it "the ultimate test of human endurance," adding, “I’m willing to put my personal health at risk for the challenge. Obviously, exposure to such a large quantity of Nickelback is very dangerous.”

The fundraising page notes three "keys to victory": frequent stretching, hydration, and "psychotic breakdown avoidance." The entirety of Nickelback's eight-album studio catalog totals just five and a half hours. And anyone who's seen the following video knows the perils of extended Nickelback listening—namely, severe repetition: