August 12, 2015


The Complete Guide to 5SOS's New Album, 'Sounds Good Feels Good'

Capitol Records
Capitol Records

RELEASE DATE: October 23


The album is real! It's called Sounds Good Feels Good and will drop October 23. Yeehaw! The news arrived via Twitter, as all good things do. Grab new song when you pre-order. It's called "Fly Away," and you can check it out here!

Believe it or not, but you may hear some classical music on 5 Seconds of Summer's new album. The super-famous pop-punk act has recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra.

Producer/Engineer Matt Pauling posted a pic to his Instagram with the caption, "Live strings with the London Symphony Orchestra for the new @5sos album. Absolutely breath taking!" 5SOS guitarist Calum Hood later confirmed the collab, writing on Instagram, "Got to watch an orchestra play strings on songs I've written on for album 2. Today was a good day."

So not only will we have orchestral elements, but it appears Calum's already got a few co-writing credits on Album No. 2 which is awesome after he co-wrote standouts like "Don't Stop" and "Everything I Didn't Say" on the guys' debut LP. 

Read on for everything else we know about the upcoming record including its collaborators, the first live performance of new song "Permanent Vacation," and more. Make sure to hit play on the album's lead single, "She's Kinda Hot," first! Peep that vid!


5 Seconds of Summer seemed to appear out of nowhere last year, eventually scoring a No. 2 hit with "She Looks So Perfect," touring the world with British babes One Direction, and later rivaling the English band with their ever-growing, endlessly loyal teen fanbase. 5SOS's fame was truly solidified when they dropped their self-titled debut album, and it doesn't end there: The Aussie boys are currently stateside, working on their sophomore release.

While details are limited, 5 Seconds of Summer have shared glimpses into the process on various social media platforms. Today they've revealed that they're currently working with Good Charlotte twins Benji and Joel Madden, the masterminds behind 5SOS's hit ballad "Amnesia."

The band's account tweeted, "Writing with MIKEY Clifford again tonight, the madden brother and our mate Steve Robson x," adding, "That was the most illiterate tweet yet... Just fill in the gaps lol." 

5 Seconds of Summer have expressed their admiration for Good Charlotte time and time again. Will they come up with their own answer to "The Anthem" this time around? We'll have to wait and see.

Earlier this year 5 Seconds of Summer went to Japan for the first time. They played a few headlining gigs, joined their buds in One Direction for a handful of dates and did endless press...even appearing on multiple Tokyo television programs. While out there, InRock Magazine got the scoop on the boys' sophomore album, saying fans can expect it in November of this year. It was also revealed that the boys from down under are pulling a 1D and planning on releasing an album every year. Let's just hope no one decides to go the way of Zayn Malik.


5 Seconds of Summer kicked off their first-ever world (headlining!) arena tour in Lisbon, Portugal and as a treat to those in attendance, the boys played a new song live with little warning. 

It's called "Permanent Vacation," it's pretty Michael Clifford/Luke Hemmings–heavy and repeats "We're the voice of a new generation" in the chorus. At times, the song recalls Green Day's "Longview," at others, it's a perfect parody of Sum 41's "Motivation." 


Simple Plan: In February it was revealed that the boys (at least, guitarist Michael Clifford and bassist Calum Hood) are writing with drummer Chuck Comeau and frontman Pierre Bouvier of Simple Plan. We knew they were hanging out (check out an adorable picture of Clifford with Comeau's pooch here,) but Hood let it slip that they're working together when he posted a pic of the pup with the caption, "Writing with @chuckcomeau @michaelgclifford@pierrebouvier and this fella." Welcome to their lives?

In an interview with, drummer Chuck Comeau elaborated,

"We did two songs with those guys, they're really cool guys and we had a great time just hanging out and getting to know them. Obviously we didn't spend like months and months but it was really cool to have a chance to write for that project and we came up with two songs with them. One was kind of like a super up-tempo, fun song that was kind of a little pop-punk throwback and then the other one was a more slower, ballad song."

Sum 41: The day before Valentine's Day, 5SOS shared a picture of guitarist Michael Clifford with Sum 41 frontman (and Avril Lavigne ex-hubby) Deryck Whibley in the studio.

5 Seconds of Summer on Facebook
5 Seconds of Summer on Facebook

Bonni McKee: A writer on Kesha's "Die Young" and Katy Perry's "California Gurls" and "Roar," McKee posted a picture with drummer Ashton Irwin, writing, "Just writing songs about sexy stuff w @ashtonirwin #NBD @5sos." This record is going to slay.

Good Charlotte:  5 Seconds of Summer are making it known that they're back at it, writing and recording what will easily become one of the most talked about pop-punk records of the year. The band tweeted that they were hard at work with Benji and Joel Madden (best known as the twin geniuses behind Good Charlotte,) but now they've shared photographic evidence (the pic's here.)

John Felmann (Goldfinger): The boys from down undah shared a beach photo via 5SOS producer John Feldmann. Drummer Ashton Irwin and frontman Luke Hemmings are seen writing and recording near the ocean in the Instagram here.

London Symphony Orchestra: Believe it or not, but the band might have some classical elements on their new album too. Producer/Engineer Matt Pauling posted a pic to his Instagram saying, "Live strings with the London Symphony Orchestra for the new @5sos album. Absolutely breath taking!" [sic] Calum Hood later confirmed the collab, writing on Instagram, "Got to watch an orchestra play strings on songs I've written on for album 2. Today was a good day."


1. Money
2. She's Kinda Hot
3. Hey Everybody!
4. Permanent Vacation
5. Jet Black Heart
6. Catch Fire
7. Waste The Night
8. Vapor
9. Castaway
10. Fly Away
11. Invisible
12. Airplanes
13. San Francisco
14. Outer Space / Carry On