February 13, 2015


"A Summer in Ohio": Anna Kendrick Sings About Gay Midgets & Strippers

Anna Kendrick became an unlikely pop star when her Pitch Perfect song "Cups" spilled onto the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. The actress/singer has recorded another quirky jam for a movie...and this one is really out there.

In the new film The Last Five Years—a big-screen adaption of the beloved Off-Broadway musical—Kendrick flexes her musical chops on a jazzy number called "A Summer in Ohio." What's it about? Brace yourself: "I could lease a villa in Seville / But it wouldn't be as nice as a summer in Ohio with gay midget named Karl." And there's more: "Take a carriage ride through Central Park / But it wouldn't be as nice as summer in Ohio where I'm sharing a room with a 'former' stripper and her snake Wayne."

As weird as the lyrics are, Kendrick really is belting throughout this track, sounding stronger than ever. If anything, the song does a great job at showcasing the star's knack for musical theater—perhaps even better than Disney's recent hit Into the Woods did.

The Last Five Years is out now, so take your valentine to it this weekend for some singsongy fun. And if you're still in a musical mood, keep the good times going with our Valentine's Day makeout playlist.