February 11, 2015


Chance the Rapper Auditioned to Play Dr. Dre in the N.W.A. Movie

Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images
Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

In the new issue of Interview, lava-hot comedian Hannibal Buress had a chat with his buddy and fellow Chicagoan Chance the Rapper. The two found their way into a conversation about Chance trying out comedy ("Chance the Comedian," anyone?) and segued quickly into a discussion of rapper/actors. (See: Buress and Chance's buddy Donald "Childish Gambino" Glover.) After discussing Fox's hip hop hit Empire, Chance shared a big one:

"I actually did try out for the N.W.A. movie." (Buress: "Oh, sh*t.") "I read for Dre. But it wasn't in God's plan." Any backup plans though, Chance? "I really like Real Husbands of Hollywood. I would like to be on that show."

Chance also revealed that he's got a new release ready to surprise us all with. "The album is very much so a Beyoncé kind of thing. So I can’t say the date of the project, but I can say that it’s super dope.” Can't wait—it's been too long since 2013's luminous Acid Rap, even if Chance just gave us a new verse on Madonna's Rebel Heart jam "Iconic." Read the full Interview interview here.

The N.W.A. biopic, titled Straight Outta Compton, released its first trailer this week. In the film, Ice Cube will be played by his own son, 23-year-old O'Shea Jackson Jr. Dre will be portrayed by Corey Hawkins (Iron Man 3), DJ Yella by Neil Brown Jr. (Fast & Furious), and Eazy-E by Jason Mitchell (Broken City). The film's director is F. Gary Gray, the man behind Friday, Set It Off, and The Italian Job. Peep the trailer here: