February 12, 2015


Florence + The Machine Share Cinematic New Single, "What Kind Of Man"

Earlier this week Florence + The Machine shared "How Big How Blue How Beautiful," the group's first new track in a number of years (excluding the feisty female's contribution to the Great Gatsby soundtrack in 2013).  Today, the British babe and her band have gifted us with their comeback single, the cinematic "What Kind of Man."

The song—which details a faulty relationship—arrived with an accompanying PG-13 video (a little NFW-ish with a quick topless scene); one with a clear-cut narrative similar to the song theme.

The video begins with Florence talking to her lover. He tells her that he was watching her talking in her sleep, that she looks sad as if she was "suffering somewhere else." She asks why he didn't wake her up; he has no real answer. The song begins with a slow build as we see shots of Flo and her man in moments of love and hate, eventually concluding with a car crash. When the guitar-heavy chorus kicks in, our heroine is seen scream-dancing with men in different rooms. 

At times it recalls Taylor Swift's "Blank Space," just, you know, a lot artier. Watch above.