February 19, 2015


Lana Del Rey Was Very Upset About Getting Dissed on 'Fashion Police'

Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Kathy Griffin, the new host of E!'s Fashion Police following the death of Joan Rivers, has been catching some flack lately. At a pre-GRAMMY party this year, she tried introducing herself to Lana Del Rey and got a brutal brush-off. Nancy Pelosi, who was seated at the same table, intervened with: "Oh my, did you put her on the Worst Dressed List?" Griffin's account of what came next: "And Lana Del Rey, who I don't know, is like, 'Uh HUH, she did, yeah, she did.'" (Irate tone and hand gestures included.) Watch the story unfold on Late Night with Seth Meyers below (the LDR stuff starts at the 3:30 mark):

It's an occupational hazard for someone who finds herself dissing celebrity getups as often as she compliments them. "Every time celebrities confront me and say, 'Do you know that you said this about me?' I say, 'Y'know, probably. Like, I don't always remember," Griffin says. Earlier in the clip, she describes the moment Barry Manilow asked, "What's an Iggy?" Griffin tried explaining the phenomenon that is Iggy Azalea without much luck.

Regardless of Lana Del Rey's status with fashion and/or Kathy Griffin, she's got her third major label album on the way. Titled Honeymoon, the "Summertime Sadness" singer says the album will have a "more noirish feel."