February 9, 2015


Kanye Almost Snatches the Mic Again Over Beyoncé's Big GRAMMY Loss

Update (2/9): The GRAMMYs uploaded their own version of the clip, featuring reactions from your favorite stars. Check it out above, and don't worry—we've still got the Vine for you down below. We watch out for you like that.

Original Story: We all remember the moment Kanye West snatched a VMA out of 20-year-old Taylor Swift's hands to try correcting history on the spot, boisterously noting how much better Beyoncé's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)" video was compared to everything else ever made in human history as of autumn 2009. (Oh, and a little update on that: Yeezy and Swizzy totally made up for a big smiley photo together.)

Cut to BEYONCÉ—a 14-song visual album that convincingly eclipsed the legacy of the "Single Ladies" video as a flawless masterpiece for the ears and the eyes—losing Album of the Year to Beck's Morning Phase at the 2015 GRAMMYs on Sunday night. Kanye, who worked on Bey's fifth album and would've been part of her onstage celebration brigade, looked ready to jump up and defend the Queen Bey once more—till he grinned and made it clear he was just messing around. Probably.

[Vine via Dave Itzkoff]

Kanye had plenty to be happy about on Sunday, though, giving a giant solo performance of his new single "Only One," and an even-more-giant performance of his newer single, "FourFive Seconds," alongside Rihanna and Paul McCartney.

Oh, and back on the red carpet, Yeezy announced he's executive producing Rihanna's new album, her first since 2012's Unapologetic.