February 9, 2015


Watch Katy Perry & Domestic Abuse Survivor Present Moving GRAMMY Performance


In a GRAMMY night full of fun, trophies, and dancing, Katy Perry opted to bring attention to an issue plaguing women everywhere: Domestic violence. Her performance was introduced by a video message from President Barack Obama and a performance by Brooke Axtell, an abuse survivor and poet. Axtell's brief piece was moving, full of lines like "authentic love does not devalue another human," "authentic love does not silence shame or abuse," and "you are worthy of love."

When Perry did eventually step into the spotlight for "By the Grace of God," she was cloaked all in white, standing in front of a sheer screen. Her projected silhouette slowly morphed into the shadows of dancers, limbs and bodies multiplying before our eyes.

Like Ariana Grande earlier in the night, Katy hardly moved—the focus was on her vocal performance, as well as the words shared by Ms. Axtell just moments before. "By the Grace of God" was a welcome shift in tone for the night.