February 23, 2015


Surprise: Nick Jonas Just Shared a Cover of Kanye West's "Only One"

Kanye West's Paul McCartney collaboration "Only One" might've thrown people for a loop at first—what is this new sound!—but it's picking up fans fast. (Pairing it with the cutest video of ALL TIME was a smart move.) In a recent New York City comeback performance, Drake covered the track, as well as the Rihanna/McCartney/'Ye collaboration "FourFiveSeconds."

Now it's Nick Jonas coming up to bat. "I love this song so much I had to sing it myself," tweeted the onetime JoBro and beefed-up star of Kingdom. "Only One" is an exceptionally strange song to cover, as it's sung from the perspective of Kanye's deceased mother Donda West, and about Kanye's wife, daughter, and self. But, hey, Nick really committed and pulled it off, substituting his angelic voice for Yeezy's masterful AutoTune. Spin it up top.