February 9, 2015


9 Reactions From the Beyhive After Beyoncé Loses Album of the Year

Kevin Winter/WireImage
Kevin Winter/WireImage

Arguably the most surprising moment of the 2015 GRAMMYS came when the Album of the Year award went to multi-instrumentalist and industry veteran Beck. His album Morning Phase beat out Ed SheeranSam Smith and Beyoncé and her self-titled record, the one that showed up out of nowhere, with complete visuals accompanying the whole thing, and crashed iTunes and the culture at large. The Album of the Year loss really rubbed some of Yoncé's loyal fans the wrong way. We've rounded up nine of the best reactions here:

Kanye West wasn't super psyched about the result, either, making for a minute like he was about to Taylor Swift the mic away from Beck to declare BEYONCÉ the greatest album of #alltime.