February 13, 2015


Taylor Swift Reveals Sensual, Artistic "Style" Video

UPDATE (2/13): It's here! Premiered via MuchMusicTaylor Swift's new video for "Style" is a gorgeous, artistic visual affair. It also shows Swift's previously unseen sensual side, as she gets close with a shirtless, hunky co-star. Last year we learned the song is about One Direction babe Harry Styles, who Swift directly references here—peep the paper airplane necklace he gifted her in 2012. Watch the "Style" video above.

UPDATE (2/12): Aaaaand Taylor Swift's got one last teaser for fans ahead of the full reveal for her "Style" video. If these clips are anything to go by, it's going to be an arsty, slightly psychedelic visual affair. We're ready!

The full video drops tomorrow, February 13.

Update (2/11): Taylor's given another tease for the "Style" video. Check out the little Twitter clip below, and prepare for the video's Friday premiere:

This is not a drill, people. "Style," Taylor Swift's new single from her chart-smashing 1989 album, is getting a music video this Friday. Tay-Tay announced it today with the mere words "STYLE music Video. Friday. #Feb13STYLE" on Twitter. She shared the same news on Instagram, with a smoky little teaser snippet:

"Style" follows "Shake It Off" and "Blank Space" as the third video from 1989.

Oh, and in case you missed it: Taylor Swift recently trademarked the phrase "this sick beat," killing your dreams of marketing mugs and drumsticks featuring the "Shake It Off" line.