February 10, 2015


Watch Weird Al Parody Dramatic 'Whiplash' Scene With J.K. Simmons

Not even Oscar-nominated movies are safe from "Weird Al" Yankovic.

To hype his upcoming Mandatory Fun tour, the king of parodies spoofed acclaimed drama Whiplash, where a questionably intense bandleader (played by J.K. Simmons) pushes a young, aspiring drummer (Miles Teller) to his limits. In Weird Al's interpretation of the film, the singer/comedian needs to go H.A.M. with his accordion-playing abilities...to ridiculous results.

In a nod to his brilliant '90s TV program The Weird Al Show, Yankovic superimposes himself inside one of the movie's most dramatic scenes, one where Simmons makes Teller repeat stanzas over and over until the actor gets so fed up with his student that he chucks a chair at him. The same happens here, except it's with Al and his accordion. And, yes, the accordion gets pretty grating by the end of the four-minute sketch. (But it's still totally worth it—seriously, stick with it.)

Weird Al's massive, 88-date Mandatory Fun tour, supporting his No. 1 album, kicks off on May 12 in Las Vegas and will extensively tour North America and Europe.