March 18, 2015


Alabama Shakes Go Full-On Funk for New Song "Future People"

Last month, Alabama Shakes served the first taste of their upcoming Sound & Color album via the excellently gritty new single "Don't Wanna Fight." The almighty rock outfit has another new tune up their sleeve that continues to showcase new sides of the band, as well as frontwoman Brittany Howard's voice.

A funk element's established from the opening, with electric guitar plucking and power chords mixing with soulful humming. Just like in "Don't Wanna Fight," Howard showcases a newfound love for her falsetto and hits every high note like the best of the 'em.

With the GRAMMY-nominated debut Boys & Girls in 2012, the Shakes proved they could master the mix of soul-drenched rock 'n' roll. Now the new record appears to be leaning into the soulful side. It wouldn't even be a stretch to say Howard is sounding more and more similar to the likes of Marvin Gaye and Patti Labelle with that mix of powerful head voice and chesty belts.

Luckily there's less than a month until Sound & Color drops. Check out why we're hyped for it (along with 28 other spring albums) right here.