March 26, 2015


All Time Low's "Tidal Wave" With Blink-182's Mark Hoppus Is No Tsunami

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Getty Images

We're less than two weeks away from All Time Low's new Future Hearts album and the band's unveiled what might be the most exciting collaborator on the whole thing. The pop-punk outfit teamed with Blink-182's Mark Hoppus, a capital-I Icon, for the buzzy single "Tidal Waves." Unfortunately, the song hits more like a weak drizzle than any type of natural phenomena.

The track opens strong enough, with emotional guitar strums and clever rhymes from lead single Alex Gaskarth. But the chorus really falls flat with played-out drum machines you could hear on any other Top 40 hit, plus a snoozy melody on the chorus.

Mark's voice on the second verse sounds like a comforting blanket on this track that doesn't exactly know if it wants to appeal to ATL's longtime fanbase or light rock radio.

The band recently spoke about their mindset for Future Hearts with Gaskarth explaining that "we wrote a lot of this record with an arena-rock record in mind." This new single certainly sounds like a song that in theory should fulfill that requirement, but really comes off a little too safe.

We're still hyped for Future Hearts (and its accompanying tour) so we'll keep bumping "Kids in the Dark" and "Something's Gotta Give"—and maybe throw "Tidal Wave" into the mix when we want to change things up a little bit.

Listen to the song on YouTube.