March 26, 2015


Ben Stiller's '80s Punk Album Will Finally Hit Stores

Alfonso Jimenez Valero/Getty Images
Alfonso Jimenez Valero/Getty Images

Ben Stiller was a punk rocker. You see, back in the early ‘80s, when the star was still a teen, he manned the drums in Capital Punishment, a no-wave-inspired punk band. In 1982, the group recorded an album called Roadkill as a private press kind of thing, a glorified demo of sorts. Capital Punishment never went anywhere, breaking up soon after recording the album.

Throughout the years, tracks from Roadkill have appeared on YouTube and file sharing websites. Stiller even brought a copy of the album with him when he visited the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon back in December. "Some alternative record label wanted to find Capital Punishment because apparently on certain outsider music sites this album is a cult classic,” said Stiller.

Stiller wasn't kidding. During an interview on the Howard Stern Show yesterday, he revealed that Brooklyn-based label Captured Tracks would be issuing Roadkill sometime this year. That means the Meet the Parents funnyman would be label mates with indie artists like Mac DeMarco and Craft Spells. Can a Pitchfork Music Festival reunion appearance be around the corner for Capital Punishment? Only time will tell.

An interesting connection can be made between Capital Punishment's story and one of the plotlines in Greenberg, a 2010 film that starred Stiller. In the movie, the actor plays a failed musician in his 40s who is forced to address a decades-long rift between him and a former bandmate, who's still upset with Greenberg for declining a major label recording contract that the band was offered back in their 20s.