March 2, 2015


Why Is Beyoncé in the Studio With Cara Delevingne?

@beyonce on Instagram/@caradelevingne on instagram
@beyonce on Instagram/@caradelevingne on instagram

Even if you can't pronounce her impossible last name, you're aware of supermodel Cara Delevingne's existence. Hell, did we even care about eyebrows before she shot to super stardom? The Pharrell contributor and Rihanna BFF has yet another surprise under her belt—she's in the studio with Beyoncé

Queen B herself. The news came in two not-so-cryptic Instagram posts, B posting a picture of her hand on a soundboard, Cara doing the same.

The boards appear to be identical. Could this be another direction for Bey? Is this just another step in Cara's plan for world domination?

It's not the first time the supermodel has teased a side career in music. Delevigne posted photos from the studio in the past (most recently in late 2013) and has proven her singing chops on YouTube. There were rumors she was recording a duet with Rita Ora, but maybe she's upgraded to Beyonce?