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9 Ways to Get A Body Like the Madonna

Today is Madge's 58th birthday and she looks better than most folks decades her junior. Want to know how? We've compiled some of her best known health tips for you

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Get into yoga or pilates—or both—daily!

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A handful of years ago, Madonna had an accident while horseback riding through the English countryside. She broke a few ribs, a collarbone and her hand. She was 47 at the time and known for being super active. With her motions limited, she turned to yoga and pilates as alternative exercise. Both are intense, but also allowed her to heal. Fun fact: She was still recovering during the "Hung Up" video, but you'd never guess it! That's the power of daily pilates and yoga.

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Adopt a macrobiotic diet...

salmon dinner
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It's not just the exercise that helps Madonna stay in shape. She also abides by a strict macrobiotic diet. A typical dinner, she told Harper's Bazaar, consists of "fish, some kind of grains, some kind of cooked vegetable and salad. Simple, but tasty." She still manages to work in some sweets, too. "When I'm sneaking and I'm having a moment of decadence, I eat toast with strawberry jam."

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...that means breakfast, too!

oat porridge with berries, close-up
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The diet extends to grain-heavy meals, too, like breakfast. In the morning Madge typically eats steamed brown rice, whole wheat berries, rolled oats or millet.

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Work out for two hours...SIX days a week

(EXCLUSIVE, Premium Rates Apply) (Exclusive Coverage)  Madonna teaches a class at the opening of Hard Candy Fitness on Novemb
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Nicole Winhoffer, Madonna's personal trainer, revealed to Lifestyle Australia that if you want Madge's bod, you've gotta work out for two hours, six days a week. That's quite the commitment!

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Steer clear of refined sugar

Sugar Cubes
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Like many healthy diets, Madonna's means steering clear of certain manufactured sweets. She's focused on saying no to refined sugar. Put that candy bar down, buddy! Personal trainer Nicole Winhoffer agrees

"I steer clear of refined sugar. It spikes my insulin, makes me crash, and makes my thinking foggy. I also stay away from gluten and focus on lean proteins, vegetable soups, veggies and I love avocados! Because I am training all the time, scheduling meals and snacks is crucial. People fail to realize, that scheduling what you put inside your body is just as important as a scheduled meeting! Water is so crucial as well! If I’m on the go, think thin bars and other natural protein bars are in my bag of tricks!"

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Adopt a personal philosophy

LONDON - MARCH 13: Madonna arrives at the Langham Hilton to launch a new collection for H & M on March 13, 2007 in London, En
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Madonna practices Kabbalah (peep the red bracelet above,) a spiritual philosophy that informs her focus on all forms of health. While this religious practice might not be your cup of tea, having some sort of life mantra can help you stay focused and dedicated to getting that physical health you've always desired.

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No fizzy drink zone

Soft Drink Bottles
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No refined sugar, no fizzy drinks—and we're reallllly stressing this one: NO SODA!

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Make sure your diet and your exercise regime are in sync

(EXCLUSIVE, Premium Rates Apply) (Exclusive Coverage) Madonna teaches a class at the opening of Hard Candy Fitness on Novembe
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It's simple math! Adopt a nutritious, balanced diet. Make sure you're not over-exercising OR under-exercising. Ensure that you're consuming enough calories to energize you, but not enough to build fat.

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Young woman sleeping
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Every doctor ever stresses the value of sleep, and Madonna is a living example. Though Madge travels endlessly, she makes it a point to get those crucial hours of shut eye. Eight hours is the magic number, baby. Get to it!


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