March 21, 2015


Review: Cloud Nothings Demolish Doc Martens SXSW Showcase

Jatnna Nunez for Fuse
Jatnna Nunez for Fuse

A few years ago, when Cloud Nothings first emerged on the music scene, they felt like a breath of Mentos-fresh air. Frontman Dylan Baldi wrote beautifully simple lo-fi melodies in the same vein as Guided By Voices, taking a very '90s sensibility and making it current. Time passed, he furthered himself as a musician and took the opposite route, writing emo masterpiece and seven-minute Sunny Day Real Estate jams.

From that point the band began marrying the styles for a diverse, never chaotic, result. Their 1AM set at Doc Martens SXSW showcase highlighted that skill while solidifying their place as more than a buzz band.

From inside the bar's walls Cloud Nothings' booming "Stay Useless" shook the ground. Baldi was wailing—both on guitar and with the timbre of his voice—as his band guided the tracks along. He's lucky to have one of the best drummers in the indie rock game, Jayson Gerycz, holding it down for him—the guy never stopped once, and it's slowly becoming his calling card.

This is a band that'll be around for a while. And if they're anything like fellow Ohio natives GBV, their musical output will continue to be frequent and prolific.