March 13, 2015


Ga In's "Paradise Lost": K-Pop’s Sexiest/Darkest Song & Video of 2015

Remember when the world collectively watched PSY's "Gangnam Style" follow-up, the equally ridiculous and slightly sexual "Gentleman" video? Millions were exposed to one of Korea's boldest divas, Ga In, who danced, ate and goofed off alongside the rapper.

Now Ga In's returned to the music scene with a brilliant new single, "Paradise Lost," that's ruffling feathers in her native Korea and around the world for its dark and sexy themes. The track balances classic and modern-day music elements with ominous strings, sparse drums, EDM flourishes and booming beats. But there's an undeniably spooky sentiment in "Paradise Lost," with Ga In's vocals reverberating through your headphones like ghostly howls while the percussion on the chorus sounds like an military death march.

The accompanying video is just as captivating, as Ga In writhes around on the floor, nails a sexy-and-suggestive choreography routine and, in perhaps the most striking moment of the clip, sits in front of a horde of naked men crawling towards her.

Despite visuals that appear rather tame for U.S. standards, "Paradise Lost" is banned from three of Korea's major TV channels due to its provocative dance moves. Plus, Ga In's new jazz-funk single, "Apple" (below; also a must-listen) received a "Rated R" label for lyrics that liken two lovers' willingness to give into their feelings to the Bible story of Eve biting into the forbidden fruit.

Post-"Gentleman," Ga In's global star has stayed high. Her single "Fxxk U" made Spin's Best Songs of 2014 and "Paradise Lost" earned more than 1 million YouTube views in less than 24 hours. Even if mainstream Korean media is shunning the starlet, we hope Ga In continues on with her brazen looks and maintains her sharp perspective. There aren't many badass Asian females making global waves like Ga In is, and we applaud her ambitious work. Rock on, girl.