March 17, 2016


Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With the 31 Greenest Albums Ever

Zach Dionne for Fuse
Zach Dionne for Fuse

Happy St. Patrick's Day, folks! From kindergarten till death, we are encouraged to wear green on the 17th of March. But we've got a secret: there are soooo many albums that wear green every single day. Some of them are by Irish artists. Some are by death metal bands from Sweden. One is by an indie act that rhymes with geezer. And one is by Norah Jones.

Click through, have fun, please don't give yourself alcohol poisoning today <3

#1Al Green, 'Al Green Gets Next to You'

There's admittedly very little green on this album cover—but there's a lot of Green on this album cover. Do you ge—oh, you get it. Of course you do.