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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With the 31 Greenest Albums Ever

On this most verdant of holidays, we spin and celebrate super-lush albums (selected by art, themes, titles) by Limp Bizkit, the Pogues, Weezer, Ed Sheeran and more

Zach Dionne for Fuse

Happy St. Patrick's Day, folks! From kindergarten till death, we are encouraged to wear green on the 17th of March. But we've got a secret: there are soooo many albums that wear green every single day. Some of them are by Irish artists. Some are by death metal bands from Sweden. One is by an indie act that rhymes with geezer. And one is by Norah Jones.

Click through, have fun, please don't give yourself alcohol poisoning today <3

1 / 31

Al Green, 'Al Green Gets Next to You'

There's admittedly very little green on this album cover—but there's a lot of Green on this album cover. Do you ge—oh, you get it. Of course you do.

2 / 31

Limp Bizkit, 'Results May Vary'

It ain't easy bein' green
But it's easy doin' screams
When you're Fred Durst,
The "Break Stuff" kinggggg

3 / 31

Norah Jones, 'The Fall'

Zach Dionne for Fuse

Norah's fourth LP had a fancy, plant-y and Beethoven-the-dog–y album cover—but the disc was blindingly, wonderfully #green.

4 / 31

The Pogues, 'Pogue Mahone'

This cover by Irish legends the Pogues is AGGRESSIVELY EXCESSIVELY GREEN.

5 / 31

Ed Sheeran, 'x'

Young Ed really threw people off the scent here, making everyone think he made an album about a letter while actually making an album canonizing mother nature's favorite color**.

**colouuur to all you Ed Sheerans

6 / 31

Gucci Mane & Migos, 'The Green Album'

The Atlanta heroes squadded up in 2014 in hopes of making it onto this list.

7 / 31

Eels, 'Daisies of the Galaxy'

The grassy, (ironically?) kidsy album cover is matched by a grassy, non-ironic, non-kidsy title track, a rare paean to nonromantic friendship.

8 / 31

Children of Bodom, 'Hatebreeder'

Whenever I would take this one out in study hall in high school, my best friend would just say, "SO GREEEENNNNN!!" The librarian would be like, "Dude, again? Please leave." Wasn't a Bodom fan.

9 / 31

Sinead O'Connor, 'Sean-Nos Nua'


10 / 31

Santana, 'Corazón'

David Foster Wallace and his gargantuan vocabulary probably heard this album before and looked at the cover and was like, "Well, that's certainly verduous."

11 / 31

Sky Ferreira, 'Night Time, My Time'

Don't let the toplessness throw you off the scent—this 2013 debut actually featured green shower tiles in the background. Look very close and focus and you can see them!

12 / 31

Green Day, '¡Uno!'

Two colors vie for power in this cover of Green Day's trilogy-introducing 2012 album. Green, as always, emerges victorious.

13 / 31

Big Sean, 'Hall of Fame'

Zach Dionne for Fuse

Green album art. Greener compact disc. And a semi-green music video for the fifth single, too:

14 / 31

Guster, 'Goldfly'

I wish Guster still made albums this good. The covers could be red, magenta, mauve, beige, poop. Just as long as there were songs like "Demons" and "Airport Song" and literally every other song on Goldfly.

15 / 31

Nile, 'In Their Darkened Shrines'

Nile's 2002 album In Their Darkened Shrines is perfect, and "Unas Slayer of the Gods" deserves a seat at Ra's left hand in ancient Egyptian heaven. It's 12 minutes, grand in scope and style, and is the nigh-nonexistent death metal song you can just lie on a floor, completely motionless and silent, and let it paralyze you for the rest of your life.

Also: the cover art is a nice, rich green! And more nuanced and beautiful than this vomit-y YouTube rendering would have you believe.

16 / 31

Various Artists, 'Muppets: The Green Album'

The 2011 Muppets reboot (bless you forever, Jason Segel) had an awesome soundtrack featuring bands like OK Gothe FrayMy Morning Jacket and original Green Album–purveyors...wait, can't remember who wrote The Green Album. Anyway: Alkaline Trio's cover of the classic "Movin' Right Along" was better than even this Alk3 die-hard's wildest hopes allowed him to dream.

17 / 31

R.E.M., 'Green'

They did one of those sense-tricking moves on this one, calling it Green and giving it a golden album cover. But still.

18 / 31

Gaelic Storm, 'How Are We Getting Home?'

GREEN MONKEYS? GREEN EVERYTHING? IRISH FIDDLE + ACCENT? Be right back, listening to this album until I bite the dust.

19 / 31

Gaelic Storm, 'Chicken Boxer'

Jesus, Gaelic Storm. Never not killing it, huh? Green monkeys, green chickens, and also an album called Cabbage, named after the semipopular greenish leaf-vegetable.

20 / 31

Arch Enemy, 'Burning Bridges'

Pre–Angela Gossow Arch Enemy was better than their reputation would have you believe. 1999's Burning Bridges, a fairly green album, was a stellar example. As was '98's Stigmata**. By the way: 2003's Anthems of Rebellion, arguably the band's breakthrough, was greenish as well.

**not a green album

21 / 31

Grant Green, 'Green Street'

Jazz albums can sometimes be green. More trivia: Green is guitarist Grant Green's surname, believe it or not. It's a crazy colorful world.

22 / 31

Kottonmouth Kings, 'The Green Album'

There're more Green Albums than you guessed. Unless you guessed "infinity."

Also: weeeeed is greeeeen, maaaaan.

23 / 31

The 'Wicked' Original Cast Recording

It was always freaky just how severely green the Wicked Witch's skin was, right?

24 / 31

The Pogues, 'Waiting for Herb'

Man, we've been there, man, when your guy just won't answer the phone for hours and hours, you know? Kottonmouth Kings will back me up here.

Sh*t, wait—Herb is a person? What I meant to say, was, um...

25 / 31

Nightrage, 'Sweet Vengeance'

These Greek/Swedish melodic death metallers—featuring At the Gates vocalist Tomas Lindberg and now–Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G.—landed on the scene in 2003 with an eerie #green record. (And holy lord does this song slayyy...)

26 / 31

Woods of Ypres, 'Woods IV: The Green Album'

There are a lot of albums called The Green Album.

27 / 31

Flogging Molly, 'Alive Behind the Green Door'

Don't panic, but this is a green-colored album with "green" in the title that is not called The Green Album. It's a live album. The Irish act played behind this show behind some sort of green door, evidently.

28 / 31

Title Fight, ‘Floral Green’

In this context, "green" is a double entendre. It shows up in the record's title, but it also acts as a key descriptor for how damn fresh Title Fight kept their sound. As a clear departure from the guys’ 2011 debut album Shed, 2012's Floral Green left behind a few key identifying elements of the band's raw garage-punk edge. (Elements that incidentally went all but completely missing on 2015's shoe-gaze–y Hyperview.)

29 / 31

Arsis, 'United in Regret'

Enjoy your nightmares!

30 / 31

Weezer, 'The Green Album'

Ha, you thought we forgot.

Not only is this the green album—the one and only, no matter how many pretenders launched themselves at the color-coded throne—it's also a good, great, and gentle album. "Hash Pipe," "Island in the Sun," "Photograph"—peak non-Pinkerton Weezer.

31 / 31

And Michael Jackson, 'Thriller'

"Green" is a widely used colloquial term for "money" or "guacamole" or "cheddar," all of which Thriller earned more of—and continues to earn more of—than most countries' annual GDP. 

We love you, Michael Jackson. We love you, color green.

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