March 19, 2015


Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears Met at Toys "R" Us (Plus: New Iggy Album Soon?)

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In a new SXSW interview with the Associated PressIggy Azalea says she's working to get a new record out this year, and that the lead single will be a Britney Spears coheadliner titled "Pretty Girls." While we have no idea what that combo will sound like, Iggy's pumped. "I don't know if I needed re-inspiring, but it's just made me extra excited to want to put out new music," she said.

The two divas apparently had a meet-cute in a surprising location. "I love Britney. She's super sweet and I just want to hang out with her all the time. I saw her at Toys 'R' Us randomly; she lives right down the street from me," Azalea revealed. "Since I've met her now we keep bumping into each other in the street." Which probably explains how the "Fancy" rapper will turn up on the "Toxic" singer's new single, too.

The delay of Eye-Gee-Gee-Why's big tour might lead to an earlier sophomore album than expected. "I didn't anticipate having any time to completely finish it, but now that I have kind of the time, I'd love to have an album at the end of 2015." She went on about the sound:

"My first album got pushed back so many times and it was really, probably like two years of recording on and off, not the entire time, but it was a real struggle and I think that was something that really like reflected in my album a lot—I talk about trying to make it, trying to break through. So my second album, now I don't have this problem. So I hope it's a little bit more up-tempo and just really fun. I just want to have something so summer and so girly, so loud and obnoxious and braggadocios."

As for Iggy's recent departure from Twitter and Instagram? She's holding strong. "Yeah, so nice not to be on social media so I'm kind of going to continue that until, maybe forever."