March 6, 2015


Jack White Purchased Elvis Presley's First Recording for $300,000

Lester Cohen/WireImage
Lester Cohen/WireImage

Earlier this year, a mystery man won an auction for Elvis Presley's first vinyl recording, a 1953 10-inch single comprised of "the 1930s ballads 'My Happiness' and 'That's When Your Heartaches Begin,'" according to Billboard. The estimated $100,000 value shot up to $300,000 by the auction's January 2015 conclusion.

Now we've learned, via an interview with the magazine, that Jack White—the sadder, grumpier Elvis of our times, one might say—was in fact the winner. It wasn't just for his no-doubt humongous vinyl collection, though. (Billboard's new cover is a picture of the former White Stripes frontman melting a record with a Zippo, headlined "VINYL'S ON FIRE!") Instead, he'll be releasing it, through his Third Man Records label, on Record Store Day, which falls on Saturday, April 18 this year.

How much vinyl does the "Lazaretto" singer spin, though, anyway? "Digital in the car, vinyl in the bedroom," he explains to Billboard. "Because I like to listen to music in the car really loud." He doesn't hate on CDs, either: "It's portable, it still has the artwork and lyrics, and it sounds really good. And you can turn it up really loud." 

Truly, Jack White likes to go to 11. Even if he's fussy over his guacamole.