March 11, 2015


Come Listen, at Last, to Kanye's Elusive Kim Kardashian Tribute "Awesome"

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Finally—FINALLY!—the rare Kanye West specimen known only as "Awesome" is here, on the world wide internet, ready for us to hear and worship and adore and probably laugh at a little. The quick primer: this is an Auto-Tuned tribute to Kim Kardashian-West with a refrain that goes: "Stop everything you're doin' now / 'Cause baby you're awesome / So awesome." (And, in the back half: "'Cause baby I'm awesome, alsooo / I'm also awesome, also." Uh. Maze. ING.)

It's not just classic Kanye—it's the definite #Kimye song. Listen here (and scroll down to hear about the sketchy, potentially criminal circumstances that brought the leak about):

At first it sounded like the reason we'd been blessed with "Awesome" was the theft of Yeezy's laptop during Paris Fashion Week. Now Def Jam tells Spin there's "no truth to this rumor." Obviously? 'Ye would never not have some serious password protection action happening.

Back to "Awesome" now. This track appeared in 2013, a year after Kimye formed, in two New York performances, and immediately became an albatross. The frustration for Kanye lifers only heightened as a studio version kept failing to emerge. The first HQ "Awesome" snippet bestowed upon world—60 hot seconds—played while Kim walked down the aisle during the marriage episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. (The season nine finale. That show's been on the air longer than Lost was. It's had nine times as many seasons as Freaks and Geeks.) 

"Awesome" feels like 808s & Heartbreak smoked a fat J, downed a champagne flute, stepped into the booth and went full-improv. And maybe swallowed some ecstasy between takes. In addition to the simple (or simply earnest) chorus, there are love-song jewels here like "I'd rather do nothing with you / Than something with somebody new" and "I read your last message at least a thousand times." And now we're gonna listen to Yeezus sing about it just as many times. Especially if it shows up on So Help Me God, where it would snuggle nicely next to "Only One" and "Wolves."