March 3, 2015


9 Times Kelly Clarkson Kept It So Real

#12007: Standing Her Ground on 'My December'

After the multi-platinum breakthrough success of her first two albums, Thankful and BreakawayKelly Clarkson was ready to show a different side of herself. She embraced darker themes and heavier rock music on My December, but RCA head Clive Davis was dissatisfied with the results, asking for significant changes to the album. Clarkson refused and My December hit shelves in its original form. Even with the Top 10 single "Never Again," the label put so little enough promo muscle that Clarkson was forced to cancel the accompanying tour.

My December is one of her lowest-selling records, but also one of her most creatively interesting and striking. Sticking to her guns made us respect Kelly even more than we did after her big American Idol win.

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