March 25, 2015


Kendrick Lamar Did a Show on a Truck—and You Had to Jog Along to Watch

Chris Weeks/Getty Images for Reebok
Chris Weeks/Getty Images for Reebok

No more room for argument: Kendrick Lamar's work pumps people allll the way up. The good kid did a concert in the mad city on Tuesday night, literally rolling through West Hollywood while "thousands of fans ran for 5k behind [a] tractor-trailer truck with an attached flatbed that served as a mini stage," Miss Info writes. The term "jogging music" will never be the same again.

An hour before the show, Kendrick tweeted, "9pm. meet me here. 8950 Sunset Blvd. 930pm. meet me here. 8466 Melrose Ave." Definitely the baddest move since Katy Perry had an all-gold 18-wheeler slide through the city to announce Prism. Glimpse some moments from the first concert since the release of the monumental To Pimp a Butterfly below.

That last one's a live staple of Kendrick's shows, a cover of Tupac's "Hail Mary." It's extra poignant after To Pimp a Butterfly, which concludes with K-Dot conversing with 'Pac via clips from a candid old interview.

Odd Future's Domo Genesis happened to see the gig going down; he was accordingly wowed.