March 27, 2015


Jonathan Davis Ranks All 11 Korn Albums

Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images
Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images

In a candid, lengthy conversation with NoiseyKorn frontman Jonathan Davis has ranked all 11 of the band's albums, from the 1994 self-titled to 2013's The Paradigm Shift. Similar to Jay Z's ranking of his own catalog a little while back, there are pleasant surprises (the underrated Untouchables at No. 2), controversial opinions (Life Is Peachy at No. 8?!), and a debut album sitting in the top spot.

Davis' full ranking of Korn's albums is as follows:

1: Korn (1994)
2: Untouchables (2002)
3: The Path of Totality (2011)
4: Follow the Leader (1998)
5: Issues (1999)
6: The Paradigm Shift (2013)
7: See You on the Other Side (2005)
8: Life Is Peachy (1996)
9: Untitled (2007)
10: Korn III: Remember Who You Are (2010)
11: Take a Look in the Mirror (2003)

Among the many interesting tidbits contained in the accompany interview bursts is the revelation that Untouchables cost $4 million to make. (How is that even possible!) (Here's how.) "It was ridiculous, all the shit we did. I can’t explain how crazy or scientific it is," Davis says. "To this day, when I turn it on in a big system, it’s the most thickest heaviest, sounding record Korn has ever made. It was the peak and pinnacle of everything in Korn."

While we're talking pricetags: the band went through $60,000 of alcohol making "Follow The Leader"–featuring Freak On A Leash, Davis' last record before getting sober. Producer Steve Thompson got the job "because he actually did his homework and came into the studio with a couple cases of Coors Light."