March 12, 2015


Lifehouse Trick Southwest Airlines Passengers into Live Concert

Scott Gries/ImageDirect
Scott Gries/ImageDirect

Imagine with us for a moment: You're at the airport, boarding a discount Southwest Airlines flight to god knows where. You're hoping to get in and out as quickly as possible, even the flight attendant reading the safety instructions seems to be taking too long. Surprise! Now you have to sit through a Lifehouse concert, that band you only sort of remember from that 2000 singalong "Hanging By a Moment" song that might have been released at the turn of the century.

So goes the tale of passengers on a recent fateful flight.

Live At 35 is a Southwest promotional deal that involves surprise in-flight performances from bands like the Plain White T’s, Better Than Ezra, and Five For Fighting. On a flight from Los Angeles to Denver, Colorado, passengers weren't as lucky. Peep some hilarious tweets Stereogum compiled here.