March 4, 2015


Could Ludacris Take the Throne in 2015? "Call Ya Bluff" Says Yes

Ludacris is gearing up to release his ninth (!!!) studio album, Ludaversal, later this month. Today, the veteran actor/rapper is coming hard to prove he's still got more than enough game to compete in today's rap scene. Yes, "Call Ya Bluff" is that confident and solid.

On the new single, Ludacris keeps the production minimal and focuses on some vicious verses. Hot sample bars, rapped at fighter-jet speed: "Age ain't nothing but a number, Luda rapping like he just turned 24 / Any rapper wanna forget who I am, every now and then I see em I gotta let em know." Oh, and you can't really beat "I done sold over 20 million records, I could really give a f*ck about retail."

The crushing track might stem from Luda's recent beef with Drake and/or Big Sean. The hip hop superstars recently claimed that Ludacris' "My Chick Bad" single copied a section from Sean's "Supa Dupa." (You can read about the whole back-and-forth on this amazing interactive website that exhaustively chronicles Drake's many public feuds.)

"Call Ya Bluff" isn't just the type of jam we'll be spinning all day and beyond—it's also giving us the feeling that Ludaversal might be the Chris Bridges' hardest album yet.