March 19, 2015


23 Best Lyrics From Marina & The Diamonds' 'Froot' Album

Jo Hale/Redferns via Getty Images
Jo Hale/Redferns via Getty Images

In her half-decade on the scene, Marina & The Diamonds has crafted two pristine pop records with 2010's The Family Jewels and 2012's Electra Heart, but she might have outdone herself with her just-released Froot. Its centerpiece? Undoubtedly the lyrics—100 percent written by the Welsh singer.

On the surface the LP is a breakup record, but it's more accurate to describe this as a sonic journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. It's not a straightforward quest, with Marina spilling loads of self-depreciating sentiments, quirky metaphors and harsh truths.

Marina's no stranger to keeping it real—a huge reason why she's collected such a global fanbase of "Diamonds"—but Froot feels like a woman truly accepting who and where she is, and making the best life possible. The sentiment shines on tracks like "Immortal" and "Happy," but there's a long, twisted, sometimes-dark road to get to that hopeful, higher state of thought.

Go on that journey with us via the 23 best lyrics from Froot below. Listen along by buying the album on iTunes or streaming on Spotify.

1. From "I'm a Ruin"
I played with your heart 
And I could treat you better, but I'm not that smart
You still mean everything to me
But I want to be free

2. From "Savages"
Underneath it all, we're just savages
Hidden behind shirts, ties, and marriages

3. From "Can't Pin Me Down"
Do you really want me to write a feminist anthem?
I'm happy cooking dinner in the kitchen for my husband

4. From "Forget"
'Cause I have lived my life in debt
I've spent my days in deep regret 
Yeah I been living in the red 
'Cause I can't forgive and I can't forget

5. From "Weeds"
I miss all of my exes
They're the only ones that know me
And God knows that sex is
A way to feel a bit, a little bit less lonely

6. From "Solitaire"
I'm in love with ice blue grey skies of England
I'll admit all I wanna do is get drunk and silent
Watch my life unfold all around me
Like a beautiful garden

7. From "Can't Pin Me Down"
You can paint me any colour
And I can be your clown
But you ain't got my number
No, you can’t pin me down

8. From "Happy"
Don't go out much at all 
I've never been the type to call 
I realize to be happy 
Maybe I need a little company

9. From "Blue"
We've broken up and now I regret it
I said goodbye when I shouldn't have said it
I even cried, but I never meant it
And I don't know why but I can't forget it

10. From "Savages"
I'm not afraid of God
I am afraid of man

11. From "Froot"
I'm your carnal flower, I'm your bloody rose
Pick my petals off and make my heart explode
I'm your deadly nightshade, I'm your cherry tree
You're my one true love, I'm your destiny

12. From "Immortal"
We wanna be remembered
Don't wanna live in vain
But nothing lasts forever
This world is in a losing game

13. From "Gold"
You can't take away the Midas Touch
So you better make way for a Greek gold rush

14. From "Savages"
Were we born to abuse, shoot a gun and run?
Or has something deep inside of us come undone?
Is it a human trait or is it learned behavior?
Are you killing for yourself or killing for your savior?

14. From "Can't Pin Me Down"
I am never gonna give you anything that you expect
You think I'm like the others, boy, you need to get your eyes checked

15. From "Solitaire"
Hard like a rock, cold like a stone
White like a diamond, black like coal
Cut like a jewel, yeah
I repair myself When you're not there

Mike Lewis Photography/Redferns via Getty Images
Mike Lewis Photography/Redferns via Getty Images

16. From "Can't Pin Me Down"
Now I got your back up
What do you not like?
Do you think I'm stuck up
'Cause I'm always picking fights?

17. From "I'm a Ruin"
It's difficult to say goodbye
And easier to live a lover's lie

20. From "Weeds"
Could have filled a garden 
With all the flowers that you gave me 
But none of them were ours 
You know the problem with history 
It keeps coming back like a weed

18. From "Blue"
No, I don't love you, no, I don't care
I just want to be held when I'm scared
And all I want is one night with you
Just 'cause I’m selfish I know it's true

19. From "Forget"
Sick of my small heart, made of steel  
Sick of those wounds that never heal

20. From "I'm a Ruin"
It doesn't feel right and it doesn't feel fair
When I'm planning to move on and you're still standing there

21. From "Immortal"
No, I don't want to be afraid, afraid to die
I just wanna be able to say that I have lived my
Oh, all these things that humans do
To leave behind a little proof
But the only thing that doesn't die is love

21. From "Happy"
So now you know, you know it all 
That I've been desperately alone 
I haven't found the one for me 
But I believe in divinity

22. From "Immortal"
I'm forever chasing after time
But everybody dies, dies
If I could buy forever at a price
I would buy it twice

23. From "Happy"
I found what I'd been looking for in myself
Found a life worth living for someone else
Never thought that I could be, I could be happy?