March 6, 2015


M.I.A. and Diplo Bury the Hatchet, Finally?

@Diplo on Instagram
@Diplo on Instagram

We honestly weren't sure we'd see the day, but it looks like former musical partners/lovers M.I.A. and Diplo have reconciled their differences and reunited with a friendly pic on the producer's Instagram account.

The duo look like old-time pals as the singer/rapper wraps the Major Lazer maestro in her arms. Diplo captioned the Insta snap with "Best friends forever," seemingly putting any beef between the pair in the past. (Maya tweeted a version of the photo as well.)

Both their respective careers blew up in 2007 with "Paper Planes," which became inescapable and got a gunshot-chorus into everyone's head. The two were romantically involved for several years in the '00s, crafting some of M.I.A.'s best tracks—"XR2," "Hussel," "Tell Me Why," "Bucky Done Gun"—together.

It's a little unclear what went wrong, but their relationship (both professional and personal) went sour. The two eventually exchanged a spat of harsh words in various interviews and on social media, including Diplo calling the singer "crazy" and a "gimmick" while M.I.A. mocked the producer's intelligence and deemed his new songs as stripper music.

For two balls-to-the-walls, opinionated musicians (Diplo recently called Taylor Swift fans "the worst people in the world, and who could forget M.I.A.'s New York Times truffle-fry fiasco?), we really thought their collaboration days were over.

But apparently even the hottest of heads can be cooled. Now, how about "Paper Planes Part II"?