March 30, 2015


Let Miss A Brighten Up Your Monday With the Bubbly "Only You"

Because it's Monday and because a majority of the country is still in the cold, you need a bubbly new K-pop joint in your life more than you know. And miss A's luminescent synth jam "Only You" will do the trick for today. Press play above for proof.

The popular girl group made their return to the music scene by revealing this new single and its accompanying music video. "Only You" finds a way to blend sparkly '80s synths with a modern-day hip hop beat, best heard on the pre-chorus section when the fuzzy synthesizers get mixed with trappy snares. The chorus brings us to the song with an explosion of bright, bubblegum melodies and a layer of soulful "oohs," then flipping into a swaggering beat-heavy breakdown with the girls declaring that "only you" will be their baby. Mariah would be proud.

The video does a nice job at letting each miss A member showcase her individual attitude with matching outfits tha a're different enough to solidify each one's unique style. The girly Suzy rocks a fuchsia halter top and mini skirt; the badass Min sports a baseball cap and oversized varsity jacket. The best part, though? How much fun it looks like the ladies are having, especially in the last scene, when they hit a party and spend the whole time dancing with/hugging on each other. This is why girl groups rule, you guys.

"Only You" is the lead single off miss A's new EP Colors, currently charting inside U.S. iTunes Top Albums chart. After nearly five years together, the crew has only made their way to America for a choice few events. But we have a feeling they're about to pick up a few more fans and rise even higher on the charts. For now, we're letting "Only You" take our Monday to the next level.