March 23, 2015


Okay, Muse's "Dead Inside" Has Us Pumped for the 'Drones' Album

Terminator time, people: Muse has snagged the legendary look of the sci-fi action franchise's font for a new lyric video, "Dead Inside." This is the first time we've heard the opening track from Drones, the English band's seventh album, due in early June.

Where our first taste, "Psycho," was kind of blah—boilerplate 2015 rock in Muse's least experimental arena-guitar mode—this new one is hot. It's got those luscious Queen-on-acid vibes, the subtle but powerful digital touches, the anthemic qualities without leaning on giant stomping six-string riffs, and the usual dosage of Matt Bellamy's Orwellian paranoia. All that and a genuinely emotional, affecting conclusion. 

Spin it—and read along, if that's your thing—up top.

Bellamy also commented on the song, saying:

“This is where the story of the album begins, where the protagonist loses hope and becomes ‘Dead Inside’, therefore vulnerable to the dark forces introduced in ‘Psycho’ and which ensue over the next few songs on the album, before eventually defecting, revolting and overcoming these dark forces later in the story.”

Later chapters in the story include "[JFK]," "Revolt," "The Globalist," and the title track, "Drones." The future has not been written, but...this album—the first since 2012's The 2nd Law—should be rad.