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The New Class of Post-Hardcore: 11 Bands You Need to Know

The genre is having a glory moment, with the new Pierce the Veil album 'Misadventures' poised to make a splash on the charts very soon. These are all the acts you need to know now!

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Pierce the Veil

Pierce the Veil has been at the post-hardcore game for a while now, forming in 2006 by brothers Vic and Mike Fuentes. Their fourth full-length LP, Misadventures, drops soon (May 13) and we couldn't be more stoked.

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Sleeping with Sirens

Our Sleeping with Sirens obsession knows no bounds...and apparently the youth of the world agrees with us! Not only is the Orlando band one of the biggest names in the genre, they're also one of the best, writing songs about self-improvement and feeling less alone. Music as therapy, ya know?

P.S.: Check out allll the reasons you need to listen to SWS right here.

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Bring Me the Horizon

Bring Me the Horizon has existed for over a decade, so you could consider them the veterans of our collection. When you think of the origins of post-hardcore, however, purists might point to bands like At the Drive-In and Thursday, which make BMTH look like babies. The band's latest single, "Drown," shows remarkable progression in their sound, taking a heavy genre and making it loads more accessible. (If you need to ease into this music, we recommend checking out the 5 Seconds of Summer cover of the song.)

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Falling in Reverse

After leaving Escape the Fate in 2008 and facing some jail time, frontman Ronnie Radke formed Falling in Reverse. His new band has proven to be equally as beloved as his first, due in large to their latest album, 2015's Just Like You. The record is a lot of fun and manages to make post-hardcore sexy—not an easy feat!

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Emarosa has also been around the block, starting in 2006, but they're also enjoying something of a glory moment. The Kentucky band lost its vocalist a few years ago, giving the role to Bradley Walden (you might remember him from our metalcore mega-babes list). The new singer and new lease on band-life allowed the guys to score their best-selling record to date, Versus, in 2014.

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Oceans Eat Alaska

Another British band! Oceans Eat Alaska formed four short years ago (for context, that means their band is about as old as 5 Seconds of Summer). While their name might be ridiculous, their cover of Beyoncé's "Drunk in Love" is anything but. Check it out!

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Illuminate Me

Like many metalcore/post-hardcore acts, Illuminate Me hails from Northern Florida: This young band calls Tampa home. The heat down there must bolster intensity, because these guys are all about testosterone and aggression.

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Follow My Lead

An Irish band for good measure! Follow My Lead places its musical focus on heavy vocals and transfixing synthesizers for a new, young sound, one that Alternative Press put on their list of 100 bands you need to know in 2015. We concur!

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Miss May I

Melodic metalcore is the name of the game. Miss May I can claim the most punk of punks and the most Hot Topic-esque of teens as their fan base, and a screamo record reaching No. 76 on the Billboard 200 doesn't prove otherwise.

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Invent, Animate

Invent, Animate finds a way to combine trash metal with the punk scene it operates in, crafting a sound that is not necessarily unique but definitely complicated. Prepare to be impressed!

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Bruised But Not Broken

Not to be mistaken for the popular Joss Stone song from a few years back, Bruised But Not Broken is an up-and-coming post-hardcore act...and they're still teenagers! There's something glorious about making music for people in your same age group.

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